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Here are some photos of myself, my family and so forth. I will likely be adding to these as I scan them, or get new photos.

New Photos
Me, at home for Christmas, 2001 Another of me My mom's dog Bugsy, vulturing Bugsy, just KNOWING he's guilty... If he can only remember of what
Newest photo of me, 2002 (wearing the collar Patrick gave me) Gypsy, another of my mom's little dogs Tabitha, looking quite happy on Christmas morning Our Christmas Tree, 2001
Dad, figuring out who a gift is for SantaDad passing out more gifts

Old Photos
Older photo... About 1997 Not too long ago, maybe 1999 My fuzzy little monster, trying to look cute ;)
Me and my older sister, Lydia Me and my younger sister, Tabitha Me, Tabby, Jesse and Kim
Me, Jesse, Nathan, and Kenny Me and my folks One of my hobbies